Demeter Fragrance Library Grass Cologne Spray 1oz

  • Demeter Fragrance Library  Grass Cologne Spray 1oz

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Sorry, the Demeter Fragrance Library Grass Cologne Spray 1oz is not currently available.

  • Simple. Subtle. Singular scents. Each day. Everywhere.
  • 1.0 fl oz
  • Cologne Spray
  • No artificial colors. Any color in a Demeter scent is a natural product of the ingredients used to make the scent. This is why most Demeter scents are clear

Just as all Dirt is not created equal, so too, all Wet Gardens are not created equal. In the case of our Demeter Wet Garden, time is as important as place. Our Wet Garden takes place at Easter, full of early spring flowers, including young shoots and buds, after a hard April rain. It is the combinations of those flowers, the rain and the oils from the rich spring soil that comprise this fragrance, one of the most complex in the Library, but one that remains accessible, understandable and eminently wearable.

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Type Fragrance
Tags colognes

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