Magic Bristle Cleaning Gloves Magic Bristle Cleaning Gloves Two Pair

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  • Magic Bristle Cleaning Gloves by TRM pack of 2
  • The revolutionary cleaning gloves with fingers that scrub!!!
  • Power of Bristles at your FINGERTIPS
  • Say Goodbye to sponges and brushes
  • Thousands of Bristles
Magic Bristle Gloves the revolutionary cleaning gloves with fingers that scrub. With Magic Bristle Gloves as seen on TV you have the power of a bristle brush at your finger tips! Easily clean anywhere, get inside, behind and in between - the power lies in the 1000s of durable bristles the end of the finger tips. 

Strong yet gentle, Magic Bristle Gloves protect your hands while giving you the flexibility and power to easily clean real tough-to-reach places like inside drains, grout lines, around narrow corners, under shower doors, and under handles. Get inside all those tight spaces - like coffee pots or microwaves - for a thorough and swift scrubbing clean. 

Say goodbye to all those sponges and scrub brushes! Magic Bristle Gloves are great for indoor and outdoor project - there's nowhere these scrubbing fingers won't fit! 

Two Pair



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